For Providers

Budget for Health Loans 

Please discuss with your patients the total dollar amount they will need for their procedure. When the final amount is settled, all they have to do it call us. Once approved, we will schedule affordable monthly payments with your patients and pay your practice upon request. 

Collection Service 

Please fill out one of our collection sheets with the most updated patient and guarantor information. This paper can be mailed, faxed, or scanned and emailed to our office. All accounts are entered into our system, and the collection process begins the same day they are received.   

Never Any Interest Loans 
In Your Patients’ Best Interest 

“The Budget for Health Plan” extends no-interest financing to the patients in your practice for out-of-pocket procedures, both imperative and cosmetic. Once approved, your practice receives payment up front. This eliminates the need to create a receivable account.  The patient makes arrangements to repay the Medical Bureau on a monthly basis. The patient pays no premiums, loan fees, or interest charges. 

How Your Practice Benefits 

  • Eliminates the Need to Create a Receivable Account 
  • Immediate Cash Instead of Doubtful Ledger Accounts 
  • No Reserve Withheld 
  • No Financial Misunderstanding 
  • No Collection Problems 
  • No Bad Debt Losses 
  • Paid in Full Patients are Happy Patients